Diving Playa del Carmen with Deep Deep Down Diving Playa del Carmen with Deep Deep Down Diving Playa del Carmen with Deep Deep Down Diving Playa del Carmen with Deep Deep Down Diving Playa del Carmen with Deep Deep Down

Diving Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is located right on the Mesoamerican reef, the second largest coral reef in the world, which makes Playa del Carmen the prefect place for local diving. With dive sites appealing to all levels, and depths ranging from 7-30 meters / 18-100 feet, Playa del Carmen offers a huge variety of marine life, colourful shallow coral gardens, deep mysterious underwater landscapes, speedy drift dives, relaxing explorations, and much more.

At Deep Deep Down we usually do two dives per tour. The morning dives are recommended for advanced divers, and the dives in the afternoon for beginners. However, this can be adjusted to your preference.

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Duration: 1/2 day
Number of dives: 2
Prerequisites: Valid diving certification

Playa del Carmen dive sites

Dive site map of Playa del Carmen

Down south is the famous Tortugas reef, a coral garden sloping down gradually covered with very large sponges and populated by many “tortugas”, turtles, which like to feed from those sponges. Not very far away is Sabalos, a shallower dive site with sometimes quite a strong current. Depending on the season you can encounter big schools of “Sabalos”, tarpons. Its shallow neighbour Barracuda lets you explore a colourful reef during a relaxing dive through its various stunning bays. Right in front of Xcaret lays Mama Viña, the local wreck. When diving Mama Viña you can see large schools of barracudas and jacks, which make this dive even more spectacular.

Just in front of Playa del Carmen you can dive Jardines, Chunzumbul, Shangrila, Cueva de Pargo and Moch Che Shallow, a group of reefs, which, because of their shallow nature, are perfect for first timers, courses or refreshers.

Up north you can find Pared Verde, the green wall, and Los Arcos, the arches, two beautiful deep dive sites made up by a beautiful coral wall. With their swim-throughs and their gorgeous landscape they are two must see local drift dives.

These and many more local dive sites offer plenty of marine life including turtles, sharks, rays, barracudas, moray eels, lobsters, crabs, groupers, jacks, snappers, parrot fish, puffer fish, angel fish, and much, much more. The local dive sites of Playa del Carmen are the perfect place for hours of underwater exploration.

In winter, between November and February it’s bull shark season in Playa del Carmen. If you would like to find out more about this amazing dive, have a look at our bull sharks dive section.